Product and price specifications
Organic argan oil for cosmetic or culinary use
100% pure
Ecocert certified
Supply capacity: 10 tonnes per month


Hermetically sealed 1 liter HDPE bottles
20 liters - 50 liters - 100 liters HDPE containers, hermetically sealed
Minimum order: 100 liters
Plastic bottle

500 ml - Cosmetic and cunilar argan oil
250 ml - Cosmetic and cunilar argan oil
100 ml - Cosmetic argan oil
60 ml - Cosmetic argan oil
Minimum order: 100 units

Our prices for culinary and cosmetic argan oil are subject to change depending on market fluctuations.
(FOB Morocco - excluding fees and transport costs)
Please use the contact form to request a quote.

Delivery time
Allow one to two weeks, depending on the volume ordered.

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